The Disappointment of a Child

Greetings Framily & New Followers, Welcome!

Disappointment is a very hurtful emotion as a child and teenager. (Even as an adult if we have never developed the proper way of disposing of it.) Children often don’t know how to process it among the many other changes happening around them. What usually happens is they get angry, mad, and sad. Gone are their manners and respect and say hello to attitude! (My son quickly disposes of his attitude cause he knows his Momma and Daddy don’t do attitude nor disrespect.) Forgiveness is out the window, door, and practically does not exist. Especially if disappointment is all they expect from you. I speak this from personal experience.

However, I have learned to recognize that minion when it wants to work on my children and me. It comes to attack your heart and destroy your mind so that you can’t hear nor see reasoning (God). God said He would never leave us comfortless, so why do we all feel so alone in those moments? Pride and selfishness! Its all about You! For us adults, instead of condemning a person for disappointing YOU, own your own emotions and know that Jesus is your friend who is more than happy to carry your emotions/burdens of disappointment. For teens, parents, loose your pride and come down off your high horse and sit with your child for a second or two, and offer to just listen. They will give you an opportunity to teach because you are mom and dad in spite of their attitude towards you in the moment. I try my best to fully listen to my son’s issues and surely he gives me the opportunity to teach. To share with him that I know nothing other than God is in control and He has His reasons for everything. That instead of seeing life’s disappointments as a lost, see them as a big fat W! To not wallow in the situation but seek the lesson God wants to teach and what He wants them to do instead.

For younger children again, don’t pretend to know it all, just ask questions and listen. They don’t internalize as much as us adults and teens and have not mastered unforgiveness yet, Praise God!!

My prayer for you and me:

Father God we praise you! We honor you! We don’t always  understand life and it’s happenings but we know You do, as You are the All knowing Creator. We seek Your forgiveness and receive of it so that we may extend it to others. We understand that You have made each of us different and pray that You keep us in understanding as we experience any disappointments that have or may come. Help us keep our mind on you and our hearts filled with the wisdom of love. We thank you Father for the friend we have found in Jesus and the comfort you left with us in the Holy Spirit! Gird us up so we may continue walking in Your light. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen!!

Love, Peace & Blessings!


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