The Middle Peninsula

Greetings Framily & New Followers, Welcome!

I have been away again. I was in an accident in February that left me unable to fully use my arm from nerve damage, but I am back. Glory to God for having me covered and surrounded by His angels! Although it was too uncomfortable to type, I did write a little while I was incapacitated. Below is an observation of the Spring season from my hometown of Gloucester, Virginia as it pertains to “Easter,” gifts/talents, and life.


The Middle Peninsula

As spring has sprung and animals have given new life, the MP has come alive again. After the very cold, hard, and brutal winter we had, everyone is looking forward to warmer days. Spring sports are under way and spring events are not far behind. However, for most of us the season does not spring forward until the Easter Holiday begins. There is something about the week filled celebrations of life, ministry, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ that gives us an extra push to live life greater. In essence it reminds us that our troubles are nothing compared to the sufferings of Jesus for our souls’ sake.

How He was wrongfully persecuted, prosecuted, and sentenced to death. Spat on, cursed at, whipped, beaten, pierced, nailed, and hung on a cross all to save our souls. We express compassion for Jesus’s mission as if it were the first time we’ve heard of His sufferings, and start to think if Jesus can and did endure all these cruel maleficent things and yet live, WE CAN TOO!!


So as I’ve asked myself, I ask you, what God given gift/talent have you put off, put away, or given up on because of the cruel maleficent persecutions and prosecutions of others?? I urge you to take it out, pull it out, and resurrect it!! If God was done with that part of your life He would not shelve it, He would move you forward in it and towards His will for your life.

This is my prayer for me and you:

Savior thank you! Thank you for your resurrecting power! We thank You for the array of ways we may use our gifts and talents. There is no one greater than you Lord and we praise You!! We thank you for life and the obstacles placed before us as we journey through it. We know by Your word that everything works for the good of those that LOVE YOU and whom have been called by Your name. It is Your promise and we believe it. We also know Father that there is no one who is able to interfere with your will except ourselves. So we ask and seek your forgiveness of our trespasses, sins, and transgressions. Those we knowingly commit and those we do not. And as we open up our hearts to receive your forgiveness Father, we ask that You show us and teach us the way of Your walk. Increase your Holy Spirit in us as we decrease of ourselves. Fill our eyes and ears Lord God with you. Let us not see or hear anything but your voice and your presence. Cover us from all attacks and from ourselves. Thank you for the behind the scenes work you are always interceding. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen!

Continue to pray for one another!

Love, Peace, & Blessings!


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