Course Assignment

Greetings Framily & New Followers, Welcome!

This past Saturday, I attended the first session of my Intro to Christian Beliefs course held at The Transformation Place through the Virginia Union University, Evans-Smith Leadership Institute Program.

As always my instructor/teacher was awesome. He always finds a way to challenge our faith. He introduced the class with Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (NKJV) He also had us to read and review Genesis 2:7-3:14…how God created man than woman; good and evil. It was a challenge to even consider the fact if God created evil.

My classmates and me came to the unanimous decision that, Yes, God did in fact create the opportunity, option, choice to do good or commit evil.  We were also asked to write down words that describe the nature and character of God as applicable to our lives. Loving, caring, compassionate, and Redeemer were among each of our lists. He then challenged us by saying, “If God is all of those, why did He create the opportunity for evil?” We attempted to answer but we all were missing the mark. He gave us an assignment to help us answer the question by first answering the question, “Who is God?”

We were asked to journalize our week by daily answering the question, “Who is God?”  Who has he shown Himself to be in our childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. I happen to be the youngest in the class by almost 20 years, so I was feeling like well mine may be missing the adulthood piece.  lol!  Anywho! Being the awesome teacher he is, he also asked us to detect the names of God in a few scriptures.

Well, it is Day 3 in my journal, and I am absolutely amazed at how God continues to show Himself in my life and in those around me. The introduction of my journaling assignment starts off by describing just how indescribable He is…nothing I say will come close to describing His Glory, His existence! But I must attempt to transfer my internal thoughts, feelings, emotions, lifestyle, walk, and journey into words a little differently than I have  before as the purpose of the assignment is beyond right now. “Everyday is a Good Day for Change.”

My prayer is or rather my challenge extended to you is Who is God to you? And, how would you answer that question for a non-believer?

Love, Peace, &  Blessings!


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