Happy New Year!!

Greetings Framily & New Followers, Welcome!

I love what the New Year symbolizes. Freshness, New beginning, clean slate, do overs, a start, a finish, or whatever else it may mean to you.

But, as I have learned and experienced myself, you do not have to wait for the New Year to begin again or to start something new. You don’t even have to wait until Sunday, the beginning of the week. 

It is a new season, a new day, a new moment, and a turning point the moment you decide in your heart that it is. But true transformation begins with Christ. No, I’m not going to try to convince you of this truth through persuasion by the use of fancy words.  Instead I simply say, this “New Year” why not give Jesus a try for yourself? Not because I or anyone else asked you to, but because your heart says yes, give ‘me’ a try.

I teach a teen class for my home church’s vacation Bible school, and I’m reminded how people, especially us 45 and below age group, are sick of the facade us Christians portray. How we try to cover up our messy lives.. But I say to you, your life does not have to be perfect to accept Christ as your Savior. Just your heart and your intentions. So, take a moment in meditation and ask yourself, do I believe in the possibility of Christ? (He only needs Faith the size of a mustard seed.) Then ask yourself, what are my intentions in believing? And whatever authentic reason, whatever size your Faith, God will forgive, He will grant you salvation, and He now counts you as His.

Your salvation is between God and you, no one else. So my prayer for us this new moment and point in time, is this.. “Lord we worship and praise you, we celebrate your goodness, mercy, and grace. I’m thankful for my life, the good and bad and I thank you for the gift of forgiveness. To be able to seek Your forgiveness, to be forgiven, to forgive myself, and to extend that forgiveness to others. Thank you! Lord, Savior, for those that are not sure of you, chasen. For those of us that want more of you, chasen.  Give us THIS day our Daily Bread as we submit ourselves to your will. In Jesus Name, Amen!”

Happy New Year!

Love, Peace, & Blessings!!

Note: If you have admitted you are a sinner and asked for forgiveness; if you believe that Jesus is Christ and accepted Him in your heart as Lord and Savior, and if you have confessed with your tongue that Christ is Lord, find a BIBLE based church to learn more about Him. (I know you may not have good rapport with church and the folk in it, but keep your eyes on Christ.)


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