It Continues – The Journey

Greetings Framily and New Followers!!

As you all know, I am on many journey’s and they all fit together somehow.  I never paid attention to that fact until recently. I knew and know that everything God sets before me is all part of His grand design for my life but I never saw the pieces fitting together. Often when we’re on any journey, we feel alone, ostracized, or begin to understand just how ‘peculiar’ we are.

I shared a piece of my childhood story with my classmates this past quarter (STVU, Evans-Smith Leadership Program) that let them in on my ‘peculiar-ism.’  To my surprise, although I shouldn’t have been, I was among many peculiar people. None my age, which I appreciated since I now know a sense of normalcy will settle into my life at some point in time. lol! Anywho, I had been praying to God telling Him about the struggle, yet thanking Him for it as I know He has a plan and purpose. (Jeremiah 29:11 and James 1:1-5 are my favorite scriptures.) Just having a quiet yet intimate conversation with my Savior. And, I was expressing to Him my nervousness about speaking in front of people (I can sit and talk to anyone all day.) As He always does, He reminded me that He was with me. The two ladies that spoke before me childhood stories mirrored mine. And I was AWEmazed of my Savior yet again.

As I said, I stood before my classmates giving my childhood story, my testimony. Nervous yet confident at the same time because I knew God was with me. I delivered my story just as the Holy Spirit intended and He revealed His presence through the word delivered by one of His Sheppards sitting in on the class. Reminding me that He always has a #RamInTheBush to deliver the next steps, the next set of provisions as I was in my feelings about the next phase and couldn’t see through.

Nearing the end of Phase II, certain feelings are surfacing and resurfacing themselves. Mostly thoughts of ‘unsuccess’ – the book never getting completed, ‘missed success’ – failed to deliver the book in a way that is understood, or complete failure. But what God reminded me through His Sheppard was that success is a perception. It is but a measurement used to categorize and judge others according to the standards of the world. He reminded me that I need not worry about others, including siblings, parents, and others closest to me. To focus on the task and to listen to those sheep and Sheppards He sends before me. I surely do appreciate and love His sheep set in my path now.

Although I desire that none will be removed for the remainder of this journey nor my life, I am thankful that they are present.

My prayer is one of desire.. God grant me the privilege to keep those you have currently placed in my path in my life as long as my or their days here on earth. If it not be in your will Lord, I am grateful and I ask that you fill their cups with whatever they desire as much as they have kindheartedly filled mine with unconditional love. In Jesus Name, Amen!

As always, you’re in my prayers.

Loves, Peace & Blessings!


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