Inspired to Keep Moving

In my email was an email from #ValerieBurton. It was her Week 42 coaching message. It was a message I needed once again today. The devil has been fighting me on ALL sides in accomplishing 2 not one visions. My Children’s book and my eZine. I have wanted to quit, I have believed that I was ill-equipped, and was almost convinced that no one would care to hear/read what I had to say…but through this message and another from my classmates, God reminds me yet again…not so!

I will post the message in a second but first I will say these words…

In and on your journey, at some points, you may be convinced that what you are doing is not meant to be, your faith in yourself may tetter, and the possibility of your dream/vision/desire ever coming to past may seem soo far away you can not even fathom yourself finishing.. But “hold fast to God’s unchanging hand!” HE does not return ANYTHING void! EVERYTHING #GOD has assigned us to do or allows us to go through is NOT without purpose.

As my faith increases, so does my resolve. As my resolve increases, so does my desire to see who God has fashioned me to be. The many many many trials and tribulations of this life I have been through, self inflicted or otherwise, did NOT make me, #GODdid. So as I have quoted many times throughout the life of my blog and this journey, Jeremiah 29:11 and James 1:1-5. (Please open your Bible, not an app, and read these passages. The printed Bible you have picked out or that was given to you carries your annointing, please use it.)

Valerie Burton’s Coaching Message: click below to read

Week 42:  Gear Up, Don’t Give Up!  

Love, Peace, & Blessings!


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