Women’s Ministry “In”reach

Greetings Framily & New Followers!

I am super excited about this Saturday, August 23rd. The Women’s Ministry at my home church Zion Hill Baptist Church will be making cards from the heart for the women members of the church who are unable to come for whatever reason. I am so grateful God has allowed me to serve these women as it was not by my doing that it happened to be. Their giving hearts and servant attitudes is how God wishes for us all to serve Him.

My prayer today is just one of thanks…God thank You! Thank You for Your will. Thank You for Your Grace & Mercy! Thank You for allowing us to see another day! Thank You for the sisterhood of women! Thank You for a servant heart! Thank You for Your forgiveness!  Thank You for our family and friends! Thank You for health! Thank You for poviding sources of knowledge so that we may gain understanding and wisdom! Thank You for blessing us! Thank You for healing us! Thank You for keeping us and for delivering us! Thank You for being God and God alone! Thank You for the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Your Son & our Savior Jesus Christ!  Thank You for relationships!  & *Most Importantly* THANK YOU FOR THE BLOOD & YOUR LOVE!! Amen, Amen & Amen!!

Message: Sometimes we have to take a few minutes to just sit, think and say Thank You to God for ALL He has done, continues to do, and for what He promises to do for us by His word. Even if we cant see the end or the beginning. 

As always, please continue to pray for me as I will also be praying for you.

Love, Peace, & Blessings!!


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