Publishing Journey – The Interim

Greetings Framily and New Followers! !

I trust everyone is in great health.  Well, it is now month 3 of my publishing journey and the waiting process is not getting any easier for me.  Smh @ myself but I must lol bcuz I am who I am.  I have much patience in some areas and others not so much. Lol

Anywho,  I have not been idol these past 30 days as I have been working on another project as well as have joined a few freelance writing sites such as and to sharpen my writing skills. I also joined, which I have yet to submit an article to. I do feel inspired to write about the grievance process from my own experience with grief….. I know some of this is just busy work but it keeps me from doing my own will concerning the process and publication of the book.

This publication journey is not what I expected, but what I am in expectation of is God to see it through to the end as He promises us in His Word. On this journey, thus far, He has lead me to some pretty awesome ppl, and I will consider all the wisdoms given to me by them. My #GodIsGreat and #GreatlyToBePraised

This is my prayer…Heavenly Father we praise your name. There is no other God above you. Lord God you are our guide and our source. Thank you for our many blessings, thank you for forgiving us time and time again, thank you for your son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Lord God we ask that You continue to keep us on the path in which You have purposed for each of us. We ask that You pour out fresh oil that catches fire whereever we are. An oil that ignites the very core of those we come into contact with. An oil so pure and rich ppl will ask what must I do to be saved. Lord grant us wisdom, understanding,  and discernment as we navigate through life. It is in Jesus name we pray, Amen Amen Amen.

As always, I ask that you keep praying for me and I will keep praying for you.

Love, peace, and blessings!!


3 thoughts on “Publishing Journey – The Interim

  1. I remain proud of you. Keep pushing towards your goal and stay motivating yourself in the purpose. We shall pray and push one another.

  2. Thank you and welcome new followers! This blog is all about walking w/God through the great, good, and not so good. It is my hope that what I give testimony to will draw you closer to God in relationship and closer to pursuing your purpose. Lots of Love, Peace, & Blessings! !

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