Vacation Bible School 2014

Greetings Friends & Family!!

Today (Friday, July 18, 2014) is the last day of VBS for my teen class.  However, because my son is moving on to his next journey, we made our last day yesterday. 😦

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To think when asked if I would teach again this year, I almost said no. I wanted to say no because I didnt feel like it and because of how busy the week would be. (Dont judge me people! 🙂 ) However, God nugged my heart. Even still I whined and complained to God about how I didnt wanna teach this year. Smh!  (What can I say…I guess thats why He instructed me to name my youngest son Jeremiah: to remind me of how often I whine and complain before I do His will. Smh) I digress.

Anywho, I said all that to say that if I had said no to God’s will, I would not have been blessed with the opportunity to share life with my teen class.  To share with them how love, obedience, and prayer propels us not just higher in spiritual growth, but into a place that we become wise to our purpose.  The class and I learned and shared with others our dreams, passion, and to those that knew, our purpose via a vision board. (Shout-out to my friend Tinita Tennant as I had just finished my vision board at her social and used this activity in a clutch due to rainy weather.)

Until the young men and women presented their boards before the VBS group, they did not see nor understand how what they were being taught, what they wanted to become and how creating a vision board would help them in life.  The job of any teacher is to prepare their class for the future be it whatever God has purposed them to become. I’m grateful, thankful, and humbled that God chose me once again to help lead this great group into this next phase of their walk. I love each and everyone of them to heaven and back!!

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My prayer is that God continues to do Him in each and every one of these young men and women’s lives. Father God continue to guide, annoint, and bless them along their journey into adulthood. Let them make wise decisions and continue to speak about and be about Your business. Extend their torch, their flame, their fire, their passion towards You to every living and breathing thing surrounding them. We pray Your grace and mercy towards them. In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

Please continue to pray for our youth.

Love, peace, and blessings!


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