Publishing Journey – Traditional or Self-Publish

Greetings Followers and New Friends!

This is month two of my journey to becoming an official children’s book author. What ive learned thus far is when God “show-nuff” gives you a vision and then gives you provision, it does not mean that your work is complete, that the journey will be easy but that your work has just begun and it will require you to push through it all.

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I have submitted my work to traditional publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts and to self-publishing agencies that have a review process before accepting your work.  I have gotten a return response from a few of them and find myself in limbo of which route to take. Now of course I believe God wants us to follow His lead, but I also believe there is also someone out there dressing up things to make it sound and look like God. So in order for me to know its from God, I must continuously pray and read His Word.  I must also test by the Word whatever is before me. And what lys before me is traditional vs self-publishing.
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To bring you on this journey with me I am sharing with you below my list of pros/cons of traditional and self-publishing.

Traditional Publishing:
Network exposure
Excellent Editorial Staff
Literary Connections
Financial Backing
Large Pay Advance
No financial cost to me to publish
Higher probability of shelving in book stores.
Allow me to concentrate on my next children’s book and other writings.
Will not need to purchase as many books for marketing efforts.

Contract benefits them
Fewer choices in production
Unwillingness to follow your given vision
Have to use their illustrators
Lower % of royalties

My issue with traditional:  I am a new author which traditional book publishers will be less willing to follow my vision. Therefore,  because my vision is not my own per say but that of God’s given to me I am less willing to bend or adhere to there way of seeing it through.  I also would like to use an illustrator of my choice including one that may not be employed by the publishing house.

The Business of Writing for Children: An Award-Winning Author’s Tips on Writing Children’s Books and Publishing Them, or How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Book for Kids

My choice of publication packaging needs.
My choice of production
No lengthy contract
Higher % of royalties
My choice of production team players.
Editorial/marketing staff optional

Large financial investment
Editorial staff sub-par
Not always trusted
Not well established
Less probability of book shelving at book stores
Less exposure
Less time to dedicate to writing or next project
More time needed for marketing and admin duties.

My issue with self-publishing: the large initial fees associated with being self published. I dont mind doing my own marketing and promoting but have an issue with them owning my ISBN number.

Both choices in spite of the cons has much to offer a first time author. However both will impact the way God’s vision is carried out.

So my prayer is, Lord lead me to chose the choice that will make the greatest impact to Your Kingdom. The choice that will mutiply and add to it, the choice that will help me remain in your will, your choice. The choice that will ignite the readers spirit to thirst after your righteousness. In Jesus name, Amen.


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