I’m Still Here

Hi followers!

Just wanted to let yall know I’m still around.  I don’t post very often but Im still here, praying!!

I recently came to a stand still in my prayer life, so I wanted to search out more.  How can I go further in my prayers?  I found this great little book called, “A 12-Month Guide to Better Prayer.”  It’s awesome.  So to those of us who want to go further and have come to a stand still, pick it up from your local Wal-Mart or wherever you shop for your reading material.

Here is a little excerpt from the book.

“The possibilities of prayer are the possibilities of faith.  Prayer and faith are Siamese twins.  One heart animates them both.  Faith is always praying. Prayer is always believing.  Faith must have a tongue by which it can speak. Prayer is the tongue of faith.  Faith must receive.  Prayer is the hand of faith stretched out to receive.  Prayer must rise and soar. Faith must give prayer the wings to fly and soar.  Prayer must have an audience with God.  Faith opens the door, and access and audience are given.  Prayer asks. Faith lays its hand on the thing asked for.

God’s omnipotent power is the basis of omnipotent faith and omnipotent praying.  “All things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23), and “whatever things you ask” (Matt 21:22) are given to him who prays.”….

“Prayer is not an indifferent or small thing.  It is not a sweet little privilege.  It is a great prerogative, far-reaching in its effects.  Failure to pray entails losses far beyond the person who neglects it.  Prayer is not a mere episode of the Christian life.  Rather, the whole of life is a preparation for the result of prayer. In its condition, prayer is the sum of religion.  Faith is but a channel of prayer.  Faith gives it wings and swiftness.  Prayer is the lungs through which holiness breathes.  Prayer is not only the language of spiritual life, but makes its very essence and forms its real character.”  These excerpts were written by E.M. Bounds (1835-1913) an American minister and author of several books on prayer.


As always, pray for me and I’ll continue to pray for you!


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