The World Reconciled to Christ

Greetings Followers!

In this reconciliation phase the world is going through God has been dealing with me heavy concerning the word trust and its meaning to us saints. He’s given me a word for myself and others in my path concerning it and I felt in my heart to share with you all.

I dont know what direction God will lead you all in concerning it but here is our conversation.

In our going through we slowly lose trust. Trust in God, trust in our relationships, and trust in our understanding of Gods purpose for us here on earth. So I asked God, “Why is it that we fear trust? And if we are fearing trust, does that not mean we have no faith in You?” 

God said nothing.

I sat in silence for a few “secs” then I asked, “What is the root of this distrust we have?”

He answered, “Unforgiveness, selfishness/pride.”

I sat in silence again. Then I asked, “How do we forgive and get rid/over selfishness and pride? 

God answered, “Through peace and love.  Rest, Rule, and Abide in my love and peace.”

I praised Him!!!  I praised HIM! In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!


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