I Can “Feel the Breeze” – Short Story and Poem

This short story and poem is dedicated to my older sister, Marander Spencer.  To the many bike rides we shared as young kids.

Many many years ago when she and I were in our tweens, we used to ride our bikes up the road to Nuttalls Country Store in our neighborhood.  We would go almost every day to get, you guessed it, CANDY.  But not just any candy… we had to get JollyRanchers, watermelon or sour apple. :-)!

Well on one of those late Spring, short but awesome journey’s from the country store, small gusts of wind was blowing.  It was awesome! Now, us being the bmx bike experts we were, used to ride with no hands all the time just so we would have enough hands to drink our soda and eat our candy.  (Terrible sweet tooth..smh)  But this time, I should have put at least one hand on the handle bars.  As we were riding back home, I tilted my head back to feel the wonderful breeze that was blowing.  My exact words were, “Aaaaahhh, feel the breeze!”

And as I was feeling the breeze, little did I know I was veering off the road, whose pattern most of us “Ware Neck Kids” had committed to memory.  I was sooo caught up in the moment that nothing else mattered.  Not even my precious candy.  I remember hearing from a distance my older sister saying… “Dot! You’re about to….”  and then it happened.  I went right into the muddy ditch!!  lol!  But, I saved my candy!!  lol!  I was the kid that didn’t know what embarrassment was, so I lol – ed at myself the whole way home. We laughed at this story for weeks and years!

Well as time went by, I forgot about this story but my sister had not.  She reminded me of this story by telling it to my nephew who told me she had told him.  He didn’t believe it had happened.  It brought back awesome memories!  So, thank you sis for remembering that story!  And, now as an adult I know exactly why it happened.

Please read my poem and testimony below!

Can you feel the breeze?

Can you feel the breeze that’s blowing through the trees?

Can you feel the breeze that’s blowing through the trees that stretch for miles, do you see?

Can you feel the breeze that’s blowing through the trees that stretch for miles, do you see the breeze that wraps and surrounds me?

I can feel Him breath as it blows through the trees that stretch for miles past where I can see before the breeze wraps and surrounds me…



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