Mary Mary

Mary Mary is a gospel duo who by the grace of God has taken gospel music to uncharted levels.  These two women, wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters vocal talents, abilities, and gifts are phenomenol!

However, im concerned that they have lost their center.  Of course I can only go by what plays out on TV, but what they show is not good.  Tina’s heart is with being a great wife and mom, as it should be. Erica’s heart seems a little displaced. She is career focused, self focused, and money focused.  And although Tina’s heart is not out of order with home, both ladies “seem” to be out of order with God. 

I originally started watching the show because I wanted to see how they handled it all.  How do they apply or use The Word to get through?!  No, not saying they have to quote scipture but expected more from the duo.  Expected to see how the lifestyle of worship trancends in their life so that I might possibly follow their example in mine. (I do live the lifestyle but having a positive example is always a plus.)

I love these young women of God and hope they take a minute to sit back and reflect on EVERYTHING they have accomplished and why they were able to do so.  Because it is only by Grace that we are able to move and have our being. No amount of self promotion or thinking its only because “I” put in the work myself will get u places. God os the only one who can exhault us.

It is true that the gifts and callings are without repentence however it is the oil that flows from story to story to glory to glory that causes an uprising of and for God’s Kingdom.  Which is, I believe, the intentions of the duo.

I will be praying for these ladies.  God has and does remove His mantle, and I wish not that this be the fate of the group.


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