Changing By the Spirit

I took the time this am, instead of last night, to answer the questions in my personal bible study guide and my for thought questions in my journal. I thought it was too awesome not to share with you all what they asked and what I have learned about myself.
The first thing I did was answer the thoughts in my journal. “The crowning attribute of Christ is this: His heart was spiritual. His thoughts reflected the initimate relationship He shared with the Father.”

The thought was what are some attributes that come from a spiritual heart and what are the results? My answer was the fruit of the Spirit are the attributes of a spiritual heart and the results are favor and blessings. But, of course that was not all God wanted me to “see” out of the thought. So, as I’m writing, I hear God say “How do you show your spiritual heart and what is the result?” I realized at that moment that I only display a few and needed to work on others. That I see blessings and favor in some areas and hardship and struggle in others as a result. It was a TRUE ah ha moment.

The next set of questions in my study guide happened to be on the same subject. God is awesome this way! The questions involved letting the Holy Ghost change you and the following is what I learned I must practice more of so that it will become part of my lifestyle…

First let me recognize the Holy Spirit because when He is at work, change happens. The questions provoked a question in me as to how can I grow more responsive to the leading of the Spirit. Which made me think of my weaknesses. Anyone that knows me now, knows that I dont socialize much anymore. Its not that I dont like to, its just that I find myself more less tolerable to caddiness and gossip. But none-the-less as a believer im supposed to fellowship. So, then I thought, how can I let the Spirit lead when Im in social circumstances or with ppl whom I know will pluck my last nerve. God simply said in his word to seek His face before doing, saying…or simply intereacting with ALL ppl or thgs. To always ask the Spirit how to deal with others when your still trying to deal with yourself, including your friends, family, spouse, and children. To quickly whisper a prayer of guidance before your conversing and do so all day so that the love of Christ will flow onto them. Whether its meeting up with a client or co-worker, a neighbor or someone that just bumped into you.. To seek His wisdom!

So, I share with you. Let your emotions and experiences trigger prayer for the leading of the Holy Ghost. Take the opportunities to become dependent of the Holy Spirit. Cry out to God to lead your every thought and action, but then listen for His direction.

As always.. I’ll pray for you as you pray for me.

Amen! Amen! and Amen!


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