I am a Dreamer – Random

This post is not like my normal post as it is not a moment of revelation given to me by God, but just my random thoughts. The post below is how I talk out loud to myself to God. However, I know the enemy is always lurking around to kill, steal, and destroy; these words, my thoughts and yours, my dreams and yours, are covered by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. In Jesus Name, Amen!

For most of my life, I have always dreamed big. When I was 16 my big dream was to be the CEO for a fortune 500 company, but God had other plans. When I was 22 it was to operate a non-profit organization that would take in working single mothers and give them/us a better chance at life. There are several more in between then and now, but now my dreams are, God how can I be used to build up your Kingdom? How can I serve you? How can I use those visions you have planted in me through out my life to increase your territory?

I love the fact that God gives us our hearts’ desires if we remain in His will. I don’t know what God is getting ready to do in me and through me, but I know it’s “Something Big.” In the words of Bishop T.D. Jakes… “get ready, get ready, get ready..”

Preparing myself through the Word to be able to operate in my gifts and talents. Rooting myself to not waver when the challenges ahead come like a flood. Forgiving myself in advance for the mistakes that I may make along the way. Encouraging myself to never give up. Decreasing myself to prepare for God’s increase in me. Allowing the Holy Spirit to shine through me in order to allow God to increase His territory! In Jesus Name, Amen!

Inviting any of you all reading this post to share how God is preparing you to receive your heart’s desire.


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