POEM – The Anxiousness of Anxiety

Hello and Welcome to The Closet of Prayer!!

I’m your host Dorothy, and there is a word and topic for prayer. But first as always let’s get started with scripture, prayer, and song.

Scripture for Meditation:

“Therefore, my beloved and longed-for brethren, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, beloved. Be United, Joyful, and in Prayer…And[a] I urge you also, true companion, help these women who labored with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the Book of Life. Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” ~Phillipians 4:1,3-6 NKJV

Opening Prayer:

Father we praise you and we worship you. You are a great God, a Mighty God, and God alone. Please forgive us of all our sins.. those thought, said, or done. Knowingly and unknowingly. Father as I sit here before you, your humble servant, I ask that you anoint me afresh to carry out your will. Decrease me so that they see/hear less of me and more of You… Give me the words to say and let me be wise enough to know when to say them and how to say them. Open up the ears of Your listeners so that we may hear the word.. Open up our hearts so that we may receive the word and Open up our minds so that we may do the word. This and all things we pray in the precious name of Jesus! Amen!

Song: Our Thursday Song is by Tre’ Nelson, “Guide Me”. Enjoy!

Please know that these testimonies are first written as given by the leading of the Holy Spirit, then posted at a later date. We know that the word God gives us is not always useful at the time it is given, but it is always on God’s given and perfect timing.

My Testimony: Today’s topic is, POEM – The Anxiousness of Anxiety

My testimony as always comes from which God has revealed to me on this faith walk. He is ever imparting His word in me, and even though I may know many scriptures they do not come to life until God is ready to reveal His mysteries to me. Sometimes those revelations are just mere reminders of what we may already know but have somewhat forgotten in our hast.

 While I’m resting with my eyes wide shut. My heart races, my breath quickens, my thoughts hasten. The preponderance of today, yesterday, and tomorrow fly by. Quickly then slowly, slowly then quickly. I Can’t Catch Up!!

What to do next? Where must I go now? Who needs this? Who needs that? What’s Happening?!!

Praying loudly… “OH GOD! Grab hold of my mind!” I scream inside.

I’m so close to my purpose I can taste and see it. The blessings abundantly overflowing to bless others. The expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth. I can taste it all over my tongue. The sweet, the bitter and sour, even to the point that I can’t taste it at all.

My thoughts so exuberantly rampant, yet so erotically slow. Fast forward, play, rewind…. PAUSE!!

Praying loudly… “OH GOD! Grab hold of my mind!” I scream inside.

Wrong decision, right decision, bad decision, CHRIST decision…

Screaming & Declaring out loud… DEVIL FLEE FROM ME… IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!

Heartbeat slowing, breath slowing, eyes shut…..

Quietly.. yet forcefully commanding… devil you have no power over me! I belong to God! He has already showed me the truth! He has already validated my existence, my purpose, my life! You can’t have my soul or the souls of those that surround me! You can not make me take back something my God has already forgiven me for or the yokes and burdens He has already removed from me! I CAST YOU DOWN TO THE PITS OF HELL from which you came! I LOOSE God’s grace and God’s mercy! I LOOSE the peace that surpasses all understanding! I AM COVERED BY THE MIGHTY BLOOD OF THE LAMB!!!

Peacefully worshiping… Thank you Lord for dying for me. You were hung on high in Calvary. You were nailed down to that old rugged cross, and for our sins forgiven, Your life you freely loss. Thank you Lord, for You have risen with all power in your hands, and now today, tomorrow, and forever we can all follow Your footprints in the sand.

Amen, Amen, & Amen!

Added Thoughts: The devil only attacks when he thinks we are weak or have given up. He only attacks because he is a coward, a liar, and a thief. Thinking he is mighty enough to stand against God and try to devour the purpose and plans God has set forward for those of us that choose to do God’s will.

Don’t let the devil steal, kill, or destroy your vision, your dream, and your purpose. Be anxious for nothing because anxiety is the cousin of fear, and fear is not of God. Instead hasten to His Throne, and let go of the control the devil wants you to believe you must have.

My prayer today is that as I pray for you, you pray for me. Together we can continue on this Christian journey to reach the purpose and destiny God has set before us. Then reach out and mentor the next generation of Kingdom builders. In Jesus Name, Amen!

I welcome prayer request. Just simply type your name in the comments section and I will lift your name in prayer. You are welcome to leave a more specific prayer in the comments section; however, if you wish for your prayer request to be more private, please visit the Prayer Request page on this blog.

I thank you all for following my testimony.

God is Awesome!! God Bless!


2 thoughts on “POEM – The Anxiousness of Anxiety

  1. Thank you for sharing your prayer closet, I really enjoyed the experience. Two things: please pray for me regarding fear and anxiety and not allowing these to overwhelm me, I have come a long way here but realise that there is still always room for improvement. Secondly, I wrote a post that I think will encourage you, it’s called glorify me.

    • Hello, and thank you for your comment. I will definitely do so! Prayer still works.

      Thank you, I will read it. I love sharing in the gospel of Christ. May I also encourage you by letting you know that as your walk with Christ increases, your fear and anxiety will decrease. They can not exist with the growing love and adoration you will have with Christ. Be encouraged!


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