Sin Closet

Hello and Welcome to The Closet of Prayer

There is a testimony and topic for prayer. But first, let’s get started with scripture, prayer, and song.

Scripture for meditation:

“It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” ~Lamentations 3:22-23 KJV

Opening Prayer:

Father we praise you and we worship you. You are a great God, a Mighty God, and God alone. Please forgive us of all our sins.. those thought, said, or done. Knowingly and unknowingly. Father as I sit here before you, your humble servant, I ask that you anoint me afresh to carry out your will. Decrease me so that they see/hear less of me and more of You… Give me the words to say and let me be wise enough to know when to say them and how to say them. Open up the ears of Your listeners so that we may hear the word.. Open up our hearts so that we may receive the word and Open up our minds so that we may do the word. This and all things we pray in the precious name of Jesus! Amen!

Song: Our Tuesday Song, is “Forgiveness” by Beckah Shae.

Please know that these testimonies are first written as given by the leading of the Holy Spirit, then posted/video recorded at a later date. We know that the word/testimony that God gives us is not always useful at the time they are given, but are always on God’s given and perfect timing.

My Testimony:

Today’s topic is Sin Closet

My testimony today comes from my revelation one early morning. Before I began to pray my mind wandered to the sins I had committed throughout the week. That’s right, we sin daily just by being alive. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t mean we wake up and immediately we are sinning, but that any wrong thought or wrong action that comes from the wrong place/heart is a sin in itself. Seeing a need and ignoring it, being slothful, gluttony, being proud, and the list goes on.

But like I was saying, I thought of the sins that I had committed throughout the week because I wanted to lift those things up in prayer. I want to be more mindful and cautious not to commit those sins anymore. An acknowledgement to the war going on within me so to speak. And as I’m going along the Holy Spirit points out to me that I’m a bit of a closet sinner. Talking about painful…. But, Hey the truth hurts!! Sin is sin, no matter the degree. He pointed out to me, again, that although I have very little outward sin.. I don’t drink, smoke, curse, or etc… that yet I have many ‘CLOSET SINS’.. I’m not gonna tell every little detail of my life, but know that just as you, I have some issues I’m not very proud of, but I’m thankful God is still with me constantly showing me myself.

Many of us are closet sinners. We present ourselves faultless before the world, and come home and let loss! Not to say that we at like heathens, but tend to give up the fight at home. We act like because we are at home, we don’t need to continue waring and adhering to the Word of God. Like when we are home we are above reproach. The world may not see what we do and are doing at home, but the persons to whom it matters most does. Like our parents, children, siblings, grandparents, spouse, and the like. Most importantly, God sees.

The God we serve is an all knowing God. He is omnipresent. So, while we are thinking whewwww… I can finally be me.. God is upstairs smhing at us sinners and Jesus who is sitting at the right hand of His father is covering us…He’s probably saying huh oh… let me pour down some grace and mercy before Daddy sees what my sister or brother is doing. Let me put some of my blood around their sin closet…. Or He’s doing what we did when as kids… coming to us and telling us….oooowww you gonna get in trouble.. you better stop before Daddy find out… which we usually always take as our brothers and/or sisters are going to tell on us instead of letting it be our first warning.

Scripture says that if we approach someone and express to them that we do not agree to what they are doing/saying and they adhere not, we seek higher counsel… and at home it is usually always the parents or grandparents for those of us that were raised by our grandparents.

Well, I guess you are asking where am I going with this. What the Holy Spirit was reminding me of is the story of David. That even as a mighty King after God’s heart, David still struggled with many closet sins. Until God sends an angel before Him to let him know that He saw what He had done. And God administers punishment as His word commands.. The wages of sin is death(spiritual/physical), and the angel tells David that the child will die. He immediately repents and starts fasting and praying. Hoping that God’s mercy be extended.

Why is it that we never acknowledge our closet sin until the death sentence is handed down to our loved ones or ourselves by spiritual death. We continually get warned that what we are doing is not right before the site of God but still choice to be disobedient. If we think about it, it’s quite shameful. But I tell ya, Thank GOD FOR HIS GRACE AND MERCY!! Goodness and Gracious Lord I thank you!

So, my prayer today is for those of us that present ourselves faultless before the world and come home and let loss. For us to strive daily to put away the old man and put on the new man, even at home. For us to not only decrease while we are in the presence of the world, but also for us to decrease while we are at home in the presence of our family and friends that know us best. For us to not stripe ourselves of our armour.

I welcome prayer request. Just simply type your name in the comments section and I will lift your name in prayer. You are welcome to leave a more specific prayer in the comments section; however, if you wish for your prayer request to be more private, please visit the Prayer Request page on this blog.

Thanks for following and sharing in my testimony.

God Bless!


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