Welcome Family & Friends

Welcome to The Closet of Prayer!

This is my first blog post.  To get you acclomated to this blog and me I guess I should briefly explain what The Closet of Prayer is all about.

The Closet of Prayer is about my life’s testimony and how the growing relationship I have with Christ through prayer has helped me along the way. Please take the time to visit the About page to learn more about me,  Fundamentals of Prayer to read about what I have learned to develop and maintain a prayer life to experience a closer relationship with Christ, and the Prayer Request page to send in your prayer request.  Other pages will come.

This blog will use all forms of communication to reach the children of God.  Links to my Vlogs (YouTube video blogs) will be in every upcoming post.  It is my hope to post new blogs and vlog links every Tuesday and Thursday, starting Thanksgiving day.

It is my hope that we can share testimonies on the goodness of Christ and what He has and will bring us through. It is also my hope that one day we will be able to vlog via Skype or other means of social media to pray together with one another.  Most importantly, I pray that our testimonies be used to bring others out of their situations and into the marvelous hands of Christ. I speak these things that are not, so that Christ may bring them to His will for us. Amen!

God Bless!



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